Transition House

Transitioning from a high degree of emotional support and individualized care—back into a more traditional environment represents a giant step with potential pitfalls. For this reason, many WayPoint students (when therapeutically indicated) will reside at the Transition House, prior to their departure. This period presents opportunities for students to deal with change, adapt to a new environment, and share a common theme with fellow transitioning peers. After a student has successfully negotiated the first 5 steps of treatment (i.e. Orientation/Assessment, Pre-Contemplative, Contemplative, Experimentation, Action), he is ready for the last step—Transition.

During this stage, the student is strategically and intermittently provided opportunities to function more independently and practice newly learned life skills. Through this process, students further develop and demonstrate the ability to manage anxiety, self-monitor video gaming/digital media use, and practice targeted study skills. In this environment, each student field-tests his emerging self in a natural setting.

The Transition Home provides for up to 8 students and is located in the nearby city of Ogden. The House is staffed 24 hours per day. While at the Transition House, a primary therapist is assigned to each student. Students will continue their education at the WayPoint campus, and in some instances take courses at Weber State University located near the home.