WayPoint was conducted Research Outcome Studies since the inception of the Treatment Center in 2013. Utilizing the standardized measuring instruments of the Youth Outcome Questionnaire (Y-OQ) and the Outcome Questionnaire (OQ), both adolescent and his parent report the youth’s symptomatology on six subscales: Intrapersonal Distress (ID) - Anxiety, depression, fearfulness, etc. Somatic (S) - Headache, stomach, bowel, dizziness, etc. Interpersonal Relationships (IR) - Attitude, communication and interaction with parents, adults, and peers. Date is collected upon admission, discharge, and six- and twelve-month post discharge.  Raw data is statistically analyzed at the University of New Hampshire. WayPoint’s data, along with other data from fellow NATSAP programs has been used in several studies by a variety of researchers and published in mental health journals. The graph below represents exclusively the outcome date of WayPoint students.